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Why not give it a shot! #COVIDVACCINE

Safety is not expensive, it is priceless!! ~ Unknown

This has been the case since the pandemic hit us. Although it has been a very difficult phase for everyone, yet we managed to combat against all odds. With each passing day, it is becoming more and more evident that COVID-19 is here to stay!! It seems like maintaining social distance, sanitizing/washing hands and wearing masks will remain the new normal for a very long time.

However, now that multiple WHO approved COVID vaccines have been rolled out, it is our personal responsibility to get the (vaccine) shot to avoid putting ourselves, our loved ones and our fellow citizens at risk.

For accessibility of vaccines, a systematic phased approach was used by the government whereby the vaccine inoculation initiated with the people aged 80 years (and above) and frontline health workers and then it gradually flowed down to other aged brackets as well. Vaccine availability and centers is almost sufficient for the current pace of vaccine adoption at the moment. Various vaccination centers have been opened for convenience of citizens with some of these operating 24/7. Government has made it mandatory for government employees and have now asked private organizations to administer the vaccines mandatorily to all their employees as well.

Following types of vaccines are available in Pakistan and detailed guidelines regarding each have been disseminated by the government through the local government official website:

  • SINOPHARM (Two Doses)

  • CANSINO BIO (Single Dose)

  • SINOVAC (Two Doses)

  • ASTRAZENECA (Only for 40+ aged individuals)


  • PAKVAC (locally produced vaccine in collaboration with Chinese CanSino Biologics)​​​​​​​

At PSI Pakistan, we ensure that relevant safety measures are taken to provide a safe workplace for everyone. We have been promoting the inoculation of Covid-19 vaccine and urging all staff members to get it administered for themselves and encourage their friends and family to do so too. To raise awareness among masses, PSI Pakistan also posted multiple videos through the official PSI Pakistan social media handles in the past month.

In continuation to this motive, PSI Pakistan took immediate measures to ensure that 100% of the staff members (including the support staff and the security team guarding the premises) have taken their first shot of the COVID vaccine. A regular check is kept by the Safety and Security Focal Person to ensure that the due dates for the second (vaccine) jab is not missed!

We have played our part in curbing Coronavirus, have you?