PSI Pakistan

PSI World’s Global Meeting 2021

21st January 2021 marked the first day of PSI’s next 50 years. A day to mark not only the end of an era but also the start of a new one. This is what defines PSI – aiming to make a difference, aspiring to achieve more, and seeking to change millions of lives by putting more care and control directly in consumers’ hands. As #50forward suggests, “If you are not moving forward, you’re falling back.” PSI 2021 Global Meeting set the stage for all PSIers to enter its 51st year with new aspirations, vigor, and eagerness to learn On this day, the PSI World pledged to employ PSI’s refreshed consumer global strategy that aims to put Saras in the center with greater voice and choice. This was in line with PSI Pakistan’s mission: to improve lives by empowering people to exercise agency over their health and plan the families they desire. This new global strategy involves innovative new approaches through which our Saras can be given enough support to have strong decision-making powers to pursue their dreams. PSI has worked hard to provide Saras with the best health solutions they need and now, moving forward, PSI aims to bring them to the forefront and continue to empower them.

PSI Pakistan recognizes Saras needs to have VOICE, CHOICE and AGENCY. Saras have been PSI Pakistan’s pride. Even during COVID-19, continuous efforts were made by PSI Pakistan to ensure Saras were given timely home visits. Despite strict lockdowns, proper follow-ups were done to ensure the provision of the best possible services to women in need.

​​​​​​​While the focus of the meeting was on PSI’s refreshed consumer powered healthcare global strategy, including the new metrics and collective learning agenda, the global meeting ignited a sense of solidarity as all members of the PSI World from different countries came together to motivate and help each other strive to provide excellent and continuous health services to people who deserve them most. As COVID-19 led to enforced social isolation, this meeting gave all PSIers courage, inspiration, and zeal to give this year a fresh start by looking ahead and making the most of the lessons learned during 2020.

The Gratitude Exercise:

Before the global meeting started, Ayesha Leghari, PSI Pakistan’s Director headed a gratitude exercise. As part of this activity, all employees were asked to list down ten things they were grateful for in their lives. The team realized that they were grateful for things as small as being alive and things as big as getting through 2020 COVID-free, helping them appreciate everything that is often taken for granted. This activity helped everyone reflect on their lives, be grateful, and move forward with newfound aspirations to reach their goals.  Apart from the excitement for the global meeting, this exercise lightened up the mood and kindled positivity in the air.

PSI Pakistan recommends this exercise to its fellow PSIers to move to this new year (pun intended) with hope, gratitude, and fulfilment.


While PSI Global put their best efforts to bring the entire PSI World on one platform, PSI Pakistan also brought all its employees in one place to celebrate this important day for the PSI World. The PSI Pakistan team made sure to celebrate this important day to the fullest. The office’s backyard was decorated with fairy and pendant lights that brightened up the night and motivated all employees to start PSI’s 51st year with excitement and enthusiasm.

PSI Pakistan wishes the PSI World a new year full of achievements and good luck for the next 50 years to come.